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1. Accreditation - Capella University

Capella University's accreditation ensures that every degree we award is relevant, recognized, and respected. University accreditation is critical.

2. University Catalog

This catalog is a comprehensive resource that gives you a detailed description of our schools, programs, and courses at Capella University

3. Why Choose Capella University?

Capella University's mission is to extend access to high quality degree programs to adults who seek to maximize their personal and professional potential.

4. Am I Ready to Succeed at Capella University?

ready for Capella, explore readiness, assessment test

5. Individual Courses

Your previous course work from accredited institutions, or military training and experience, may transfer into your Capella degree programs.

6. International Student Admission Requirements - Capella University

At Capella, you'll be part of a multi-national community that values the unique perspectives that each of our students bring to the learning experience.

7. Scholarships, Grants, & Discounts

The investment you make now - in time, hard work, and money - will pay off in increased earnings, job security, and personal satisfaction.

8. FlexPath Admission Requirements - Capella University

Your enrollment counselor can help you understand your online application as well as your program-specific admission requirements and/or international student components.

9. Frequently Asked Questions About FlexPath - Capella University

FlexPath is a self-paced, competency-based learning format that allows you to earn your degree in a more flexible and personalized way.

10. Saving Time & Money with FlexPath - Capella University

FlexPath can help you save money and graduate sooner by allowing you to complete as many courses as you can while paying one flat tuition rate every 12 weeks.